I was born at the Albury Base Hospital (at Albury of course) on Saturday 14th June 1975, at approximately 10:30pm (so I was told anyway).

I lived at Albury (well Lavington and Jindera anyway) until I was about five and a half years of age, then I went to live in the Swan Hill district, where the bulk of my family lived, such as both sets of Grandparents and most of my Aunties and Uncles. That was in the Christmas break of 1981.

I lived at many different places in the Swan Hill District. In order of occurence: Vinifera (26km North of Swan Hill), Nyah (30km North), Woorinen South (15km North), Swan Hill, Lake Boga (16km South), and then Murray Downs (Just over the Murray River from Swan Hill). When I shifted to Murray Downs in August 1991, was when I became totally independent at the age of 16. There I was living at a place called the Lift Jesus Higher Mission, and as I said before, that is Just over the Murray River from Swan Hill, actually the property is up against the river and right beside the bridge that connect Victoria to New South Wales.

While living at all these places I did all of my schooling at Vinifera & Swan Hill Central Primary School [Now: "Swan Hill Primary School" due to shifting to the edge of town], and Swan Hill High School & Swan Hill Secondary College [Now: "Swan Hill College"] (which formed in my final year, Year 12 / 1993, from Swan Hill High School and Swan Hill Technical School).

In early 1994 I shifted back to Albury once I had received a position in a course at the University there called Charles Sturt University. The course I started in 1994, and completed at the end of 1997 was the Bachelor of Information Technology (Information Systems), in simple words it is basically just 'computers'.

During 7 months of 1998 I went overseas as a Missionary. I could take enternity to tell you about the many things that happened, but I shall only tell you in short. I spent 3 months in the United States of America (in Nebraska) at a Christian Summer Camp called the Maranatha Bible Camp, providing ministry to many boys. Then I had a training conference in Holland for 2 weeks, preparing me for the 3 months that I was going to be in Austria for. My time in Austria was with Operation Mobilisation, performing work for the Greater Europe team on the computer that they needed done. The 7 months out of Australia was quite a challenge, and quite a test, but I do not regret this service to God at all! The hardest part of the whole time overseas was when I was in an Austrian Hospital for 18 days with 2nd degree burns, and there was only 2 nurses in the whole ward that could speek [some] English.

From when back in Australia (January 1999) I was living in Albury/Wodonga until March 2003. Although was only from July 1999 that I owned my house (and lived in it) in Wodonga. Unfortunately, the blessing of the house did not last for as long as I thought it would, and sold it a few years later.

After leaving Albury/Wodonga in March 2003, I have been living in the gigantic city of Melbourne. It is an interesting life, and I have been blessed abundantly by living here.

Twice in 2005 some traveling occured again. Firstly, in early June, I was off to the USA again, to do more ministry at Summer Camps. This time it was up in the North-East of the country, with four (4) weeks in the state of Maine (Oceanwood) and four (4) weeks in the state of Massachusetts (Grotonwood). Grotonwood and Oceanwood are sister camps and minister to both Youth and the Disabled, of which I had 2 weeks of ministry to the Youth and 6 weeks ministry to the Disabled. Quite a challenge, yes! But a challenge that was a blessing in return!!

Then after Summer Camp in 2005, and a few weeks back here in Australia, I went to do a bit of personal travelling to visit many friends. Of which I called past Vienna (Austria), then I flew into Boston (Massachusetts, USA) and apart from just 24 hours in Canada to visit the Niagra Falls, all I did was travel from one side of the USA to the other using either rail or bus, visiting many friends that I wished to catch up with. If YOU FRIENDS are one of the people reading this page.... THANKS GREATLY for the accommodation and it was awesome to catch up with you!!!!!!

If anyone wants to ask me anything (can't promise an answer, although I will try!), please send me an E-Mail message via the form on the "Send to Ross" Form Page.


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